main res picCain Real Estate is a residential and commercial construction company, which was founded over 10 years ago by two former work colleagues. The owners found that many construction companies failed to address their client’s concerns in a timely fashion so they applied their prior knowledge and skills in the construction business to create a new type of business that focuses primarily on the client’s wants and needs.

At Cain Real Estate, we ensure that all of our projects are completed to an unparalleled level of quality and in a timely manner. Cain Real Estate prides itself on meeting completion dates and remaining within the client’s budget.

At Cain Real Estate, we ensure that each client feels like an important person, whose questions and concerns are answered to the client’s satisfaction. After answering each question or addressing each concern, we resolve the issues in a timely manner so that the project will be completed efficiently and professionally.

At Cain Real Estate, we build every project specifically for each client to ensure that each project is within the client’s budget, time specifications, and to the client’s satisfaction.